Career Pathways


Manufacturing Industry Career Pathways

Position Level Hourly Wage Job Positions Skills & Knowledge
Entry $15.00-$18.00 Assembler
Material Handler/Packer
Basic Math Skills
English Skills
HiSET/GED/High School
Workplace Readiness
Semi-Skilled $18.00 - $25.00 CNC Operator
Electrical Technician
Machine Operator
Maintenance Technician
Quality Control
Applied Math Skills
Associate Degree
Specialized Training
Skilled $25.00 - $30.00 Lead Welder
Machine Programmer
Maintenance Mechanic
Quality Inspector
Team Leader
Advanced Training
Certification (AWS, ASQ, NIMS)
Management $30.00 and up Director
Operations Manager
Plant Manager
Advanced Degree
Job Experience/Seniority
Management/Leadership Courses



Preparing for a caeer in manufacturing is now easily accessible, comes at reasonable costs, and facilitates career growth with clear pathways to advanced skills. The competency model below aligns directly with industry standards and your education, along with industry recognized credentials will provide you the greatest success.

manufacturing competency model