Employer Spotlights

Employer Spotlight: Glen Johnson

December 2019
Written By: Emily Bridges

GOCAT’s Employer Spotlight this month is Glen Johnson, co-owner of Brocaw Bearing & Drive, Inc. and Johnson Machine Works, LLC.  Glen currently co-owns both businesses with his wife. Johnson Machine Works, which opened earlier this year,  is doing very well and complements his other business nicely. Both companies focus on general machining, shop work, hydraulic services, and so much more.

Glen serves a large population throughout Missouri, Northern Arkansas, and has even done business in Texas, Kansas, and other states. He would like to see his business expanding to work all over the U.S. but his priority is serving the community and staying close to home.

Glen had no idea that his future would be in machining; he simply saw a need in the community. Although Glen does not have a degree, he has extensive knowledge of managing a machining business from taking the risk and starting his own company. He believes in working hard and using all resources that are available to you.

Glen and GOCAT have had a strong relationship from the beginning. He understands GOCAT’s vision and supports it. Glen is a big believer in people learning a trade; school is not for everybody and they should know it is not their only option. There is a great need in the community as well as other places that need a strong workforce and need people who are capable of resurrecting the older, industrial operations. It is ideal to have people who are prepared to fill the needs of the company right from the start.

When asked what he expects of potential employees, Glen spoke of his selectiveness when hiring workers. He expects them to be reliable, have the drive to succeed in life, outgoing, willing, and conservative. Glen believes that quality in his business comes from hiring quality people.

The future looks very exciting for Glen and his companies. They are getting more and more business every day and hope to grow at a strong and steady rate. GOCAT could not be more pleased that Glen Johnson is one of our community partners.

January 2019 Employer Spotlight: Gary Mann

GOCAT’s Employer Spotlight this month is Gary Mann, Vice President of Operations at Arlee Home + Pet. Gary has been with Arlee for 26 years and knew from the beginning this was the place for him. After just six months, he was promoted to a supervisor position. When Gary was 25, he became the plant manager. It was a whole new world for him. He learned everything he needed to know right from the source. Gary worked his way up through Arlee and in 2013 became the Vice President of Operations.

Gary did not have a formal education; through on-the-job experience, he got where he is today. He has shown the company dedicated loyalty and they have rewarded him greatly. Gary does not believe someone has to have a college degree to be successful. “The world is changing; there are no longer just two options for people. ‘You can go to college or you can go to work’, no longer is the only option. Thankfully there is a middle ground.” GOCAT could not agree with Gary more. 

Arlee Home + Pet and GOCAT have had a strong relationship from the beginning. Gary actually attended the first Advisory Meeting; he felt that he could make a contribution to the cause and everyone involved. When he was there, he no longer felt that they needed him; there were so many people with bright minds and ideas. He was very proud to see it all come together.

Like GOCAT, Gary believes in a practical approach in joining the workforce. It is so important for people to be aware of their options and prepared to meet workforce expectations. Thankfully because of GOCAT, the responsibility of teaching employees how to be employees before learning the details and requirements of a job, is no longer left up to the employer.

When asked why it is important to have a prepared workforce, Gary spoke of instant gratification and how people have moved towards expecting to get what they want with minimal effort. Unfortunately, the world does not work this way, especially in the workforce. There are expectations that must be met. You reap what you sew.

When asked what types of employees the company looks for, Gary said he expects them to be punctual, flexible, and motivated. Qualities all great employees should have. It is a simple concept, but rare to find. Gary stressed that opportunities will always come to those who have the willingness to work. Skills can be taught, but punctual, flexible, and motivated are things that must come with the employee.

Gary hopes to see a more prepared workforce, in the future. He also would like to take advantage of the opportunities offered to better himself in his current position. He believes that people should never stop learning; that applies to people entering the workforces as well as those who have been employed for many years.